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of urethane with our customers.

Efforts for the Environment

The environmental problem is a serious problem that has a global spread and extends to the next generation, and the Heisen Group has the Sanryo Shugi, which is the management philosophy of the company.

Environmental conservation activities are the starting point of our philosophy.
Based on this philosophy, we have positioned global environmental conservation as one of the important issues of our management policy, and we will actively engage in environmental management and contribute widely to society.

Observance of Environmental Laws and Regulations

In promoting business activities, we will comply with the laws, regulations, treaties, and other requirements of Japan related to environmental aspects.

Ongoing Improvement of Environmental Management System

Continuous efforts will be made with originality and ingenuity.

Cost Reduction Through Environmental Activities

Reduce costs by promoting appropriate management of raw materials for energy conservation and waste reduction.

Dissemination and Disclosure of Environmental Policy

Promote educational and dissemination activities so that we disseminate this environmental policy to everyone working for the organisation or for the organisation and everyone can understand and act.
This environmental policy is also made available to the general public.

Everyone working in the Heisen Group's organization or for the organization shall comply with this environmental policy.


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