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Basic CSR Policy

Heisen Group's Basic Policies on CSRs/Social Responsibilities of Corporations

We, the Heisen Group, have formulated our Basic CSR Policy based on our management philosophy of "Sanyo," and through our business activities, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the future.

Jul. 19, 2019

Consideration for the Global Environment(Contributions to the Global Environment)

The Heisen Group strives to conserve the global environment in all aspects of its corporate activities and aims for sustainable development.
(ISO14001: Obtained 2015 certification)

Respect for Human Rights and Personnel(Respect for Human Resources)

Respect the human right, individuality, and values of all people involved in the Heisen Group's business activities, and do not discriminate.
In addition, we will respect the personality, individuality, and autonomy of our employees through human resource development.
In addition, we aim to ensure a safe and easy-to-work workplace environment by complying with the Labor Law, and to create a rich workplace where individual employees can exert their volunteer and creativity.

Social Contribution Activities(Contributions to Society)

As a member of the social community, the Heisen Group will actively engage in social contribution activities toward the realization of a better social environment.We also support voluntary social contribution activities by employees.

Governance(Corporate Governance)

1. Enhancement of Corporate Governance

In order to continue to be a company that is trusted by customers and society, the Heisen Group will establish a corporate governance system and endeavor to enhance the soundness, efficiency, transparency, and practicality of its management.

2. Compliance

The Heisen Group will comply with laws and regulations, international arrangements, and in-house regulations in developing its business activities, and will take responsible actions in accordance with social norms based on fair competition rules.

  1. Prevention of fraudulent practices (improvement of company behavior)
  2. Prohibition of Abuse of Dominant Bargaining Position
  3. Prohibit corruption and bribery
  4. Prohibit the offering and receiving of inappropriate profit and advantage
  5. Prevention of Bid Rigging
  6. Preventing Insider Trading

3. Thorough Risk Management

The Heisen Group will work to establish an internal management system to identify and prevent the occurrence of various risks that impede the execution of business.
In addition, for the risks that have occurred, we will promptly investigate the facts and clarify the cause, and take responsible and appropriate action as a company.

4. Appropriate Information Disclosure

The Heisen Group properly manages the information of companies, and publicizes the information in a timely and appropriate manner in order to obtain the correct understanding from the public and to maintain transparency, including its partners, stockholders, employees, and local communities.

5. Management of Personal Information and Confidential Information

The Heisen Group shall not use or divulge any personal information obtained in the course of its business for any purpose other than the original purpose in order to protect such personal information.
In addition, the Company shall manage the confidential information of a third party that has been properly obtained so that it will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Company or inside the Company.

6. Response to Antisocial Powers

The Heisen Group does not have any relationship with antisocial forces that pose a threat to social order and safety. It also responds to unreasonable demands without compromising and in a robust manner.

7. Protection of Intellectual Property

The Heisen Group will ensure that the protection of intellectual property rights is of utmost importance, and will appropriately manage intellectual property to prevent unauthorized use of intellectual property and reproduction of copyrighted materials.

8. Ensurement and Improvement of Quality and Safety

The Heisen Group works to ensure and improve quality in order to deliver safe and secure products and services to its customers.

9. Providing Procurement and Service Information

The Heisen Group performs appropriate management to ensure that no false or inaccurate information on products or services is provided to customers.
In addition, appropriate controls will be implemented to prevent illegal export of regulated technologies and articles.


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