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of urethane with our customers.

Message from H&K

Thank you for your continued patronage of our products.
In 1973, Heisen Yoko Co., Ltd., a chemical specialist trading company, introduced a technique from the former West German polyurethane manufacturer (Häger und Kässner), and 50 years have passed since we began developing and manufacturing polyurethane adhesives in Japan.
Polyurethane, which we develop and manufacture products, has a wide variety of shapes by changing the formulation and molding methods, such as foam, solid, gel, elastomer, and film, and can respond flexibly to the required characteristics.
In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have developed products that take full advantage of the advantages of polyurethane, and we are able to respond to tailor-made products.
In the future, we will take on the challenge of developing new markets and applications as a proposal-based system house that has taken a step further.
If new materials other than polyurethane are needed during the challenge, aggressive efforts will also be undertaken.
We are confident that the technologies, experience and human resources accumulated over the 50 years will complete the new challenges and lead to the development of competitive products.

We aim to be a company that evolves and develops with our customers through technological capabilities and quality, based on the Group's philosophy of "Sanryo Shugi"

We aim to be the only one in terms of functionality and the number one in terms of quality and service!

Tetsuya Ichikawa


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