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Message from H&K

We aim to be the only one in terms of functionality and the number one in terms of quality and service!

In 1973, H&K Co., Ltd., a trading company Heisen Yoko specializing in chemical products, introduced technology from the former West German polyurethane manufacturer (Häger und Kässner) and established the urethane system house for manufacturing and sales in Japan.

At that time, Häger und Kässner was a formulator that received urethane raw materials from major chemical manufacturers, commercialized them using our own compounding technology, and provided them to customers. Although the technical tie-up has been completed, we are supplying polyurethane system raw materials to domestic and overseas manufacturers as a development-oriented company that utilizes the compounding know-how we have cultivated over many years to provide and propose custom-made products that meet the needs of customers.

Adhesives, casting materials, elastic paving materials, urethane foams, and specialty water-based paints developed and manufactured by us are used in a wide range of fields, from prototype to mass-produced products.

We aim to be a company that evolves and develops with our customers through technological capabilities and quality, based on the Heisen group's principle "Sanryo Shugi."

Kunihiro Nakajima


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