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Other Subsidiary Materials

Product number Characteristics Catalog
Hei-Remover 7001 Silicone-based mold release agent that exhibits excellent mold releasability in a small amount. PDF PDF(121KB)
Hei-Remover 7001SP Spray-type silicone-based release agent. PDF PDF(53KB)
Hei-Remover 94FXII Spray-type fluorine-based mold release agent. PDF PDF(57KB)
DHL Paste (20kg/can)
DH PASTE (1kg/can)
Paste-like dehydrating agent for polyurethane PDF PDF(91KB)
Hei-Cast Filler GP Fillers for Hei-Cast Glass powder that can be added to hei-Cast so as to enhance flexural modulus. PDF PDF(140KB)
Toner for Hei-Cast Colorant for Hei-Cast  


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