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Hei-Tool S7691 (Clay-Like Silicone)

  • Hei-Tool S7691 (Clay-Like Silicone)

Hei-Tool S7691 is a clay-like silicone material that is cured by mixing A component and B component.
It can be used for covers preventing from stain, checking mold shape, fixing jigs and etc.
This is an additional type of putty-like silicone rubber that is fast curable and can be molded quickly.

Application Example

Cover (Stain Prevention)

Cover (Stain Prevention)

Check the Shape of the Mold

Check the shape of the mold

Fixing Jig

Fixing jig

Usage of Hei-Tool S7691

About Hei-Tool
Product Number Color Characteristics Mixing Ratio Catalog TDS
Hei-Tool S7691 Yellow Clay-like silicone 100:100 PDF


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