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Hei-Ad 5000 Seriese Polyurethane Foam

Hei-Ad 5000 Series is a two-component urethane foam system that is used primarily as a rigid foam, semi-rigid foam, and lightweight filler adhesive.
Hard foam and semi-hard foam are excellent in heat resistance and compression set, and has a long track record in the field of air filters for various industrial machinery.
In addition, because of its superior productivity and ability to reduce weight, it can also be applied to fillers and automotive decorative applications such as aero-parts.
We respond to a variety of demands with a finely flexible formulation design, depending on the conditions of use and the conditions at the production site.

Product Examples Characteristics
Rigid foam Excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance · Rapid curing and excellent productivity.
Semi-rigid foam
(low to medium hardness)
Excellent sealability · Excellent heat resistance and oil resistance.
Lightweight filler adhesive Environmentally friendly urethane resin with a small amount of fossil-based ingredients and filling gaps between members by micro-foaming.


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