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Hei-Ad 2000 Series industrial adhesives

Hei-Ad 2000 Series is a room temperature curing two-component urethane resin that exhibits extremely good adhesion to a wide range of materials.
They are used as urethane adhesives of similar or dissimilar materials, and as urethane sealants to join batteries, seal air-conditioning filters for clean rooms, edge of table top covering the section of particle boards and plywood, and backing of sinks in system kitchens.
In addition, carbon-neutral and renewable plant-derived raw materials are used of some adhesives, which have attracted attention in recent years as eco-friendly products that are environmentally friendly.
The adhesive series introduced on this page is part of the lineup. We respond to a variety of demands with a finely flexible formulation design, depending on the conditions of use and the conditions at the production site.

Product examples Characteristics
Urethane adhesives for air-conditioning filters
(general-purpose products)
In order to have excellent adhesive flexibility to an end plate such as plywood, there is no occurrence of cracks.
Urethane adhesives for air-conditioning filters
(low outgas products).
Outgas countermeasure products with moderate fluidity and excellent leveling properties.
Urethane adhesive for table edges It also has the function of adhesive and sealing agent.Due to its high fluidity, it can be poured into gaps and grooves.
Urethane adhesive for kitchen backing Urethane-specific tough resin layer/fast curing and excellent in productivity.


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