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Hei-Cast (Vacuum Casting Agent)

Urethane Gel

  • Urethane Gel (Wheelchair Mats)Urethane Gel (Wheelchair Mats)

Urethane Gel is a material that can be used in a variety of fields, including medical models, nursing care products, shock absorption, adsorbents, stain removal applications, anti-vibration applications such as machinery and acoustic equipment, promotional POPs, and anti-slip applications.

Outstanding Elongation Performance

Excellent Softness

Beautiful Coloring is Possible.


  • The softness can be adjusted by adjusting the amount of curing agent added because of the two-part mixed type thermosetting polyurethane resin.
  • High-transparency products with low yellowing
  • Can also be used as a pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • It is also possible to suppress tackiness with a dedicated coating agent
  • Develop and blend in accordance with your requirements.
Product Number Product Color Characteristics TDS
Hei-Cast 8421 colorless Difficult-​to-yellowi​ng​ transparent gel,
Adjustable hardness


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